Google, Inkling, Tumblr, Opera, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, February 13, 2013

Desktop e-mail is not dead! PC World recommends four desktop e-mail clients to improve your GMail experience.

Drat, seems like that chatter about Microsoft porting Office to Linux was just a rumor. Too bad, I would have liked Access on Linux.

Inkling is making its digital publishing platform free to everybody.

Hmmm. 26 Ways to Market Your Business with Tumblr. I have a Tumblr account but I’m not very good at it.

That’s interesting; the US Government Printing Office is on Pinterest.

This may be the first time I have linked to a story in Armenian media. It’s about a new software tool that can reconstruct ancient languages. “From a database of 142,000 words, the system was able to recreate the early language from which these modern tongues derived. The scientists believe it would have been spoken about 7,000 years ago.”

Got Windows? Yesterday was Fat Patch Tuesday.

Saving this because it might be useful: How to Take a Screenshot on Any Kindle Fire. Newer ones, easy-peasy. Older ones, a huge pain.

Something interesting to think about: Opera getting bought.

Useful for genealogists: understanding terms found in historical newspapers.

Wow, very thorough, lots of great pointers here. Using Google Docs to manage your digital projects. Good morning, Internet…

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