Google, Facebook, WordPress, Opera, More: Thursday Night Buzz, February 14, 2013

So Facebook is now going to let you pay to promote your friends’ posts (though the privacy settings on the posts will not change.) I wish you could do this for pages. I would totally promote the posts of Toast and Rice.

How To Geek: Extend Google Calendar by adding Labs Features.

I actually use now instead of a self-hosted site because I want to spent my time creating content and not being terrified that my site has been hacked, but I still like this list of the 101 best WordPress plugins for 2013.

Congrats to Opera for 300 million users.

Google has been spotted testing weather condition rich snippets.

A bill has been introduced in California that would open source the California Code of Regulations. (This includes the building codes.) The fact that this even has to be legislated makes me furious. All rules, regulations and codes mandated by any governing body to its citizens for the purpose of compliance with its laws should be available for free without let or hindrance in electronic format, and with only the most nominal cost in the case of physical format. Period.

Apparently it’s not a flaw because it’s happening on purpose: reports that Google passes on name, address, and e-mail of app purchasers to that app’s developer when an app is bought in Google Play.

Wow, an exploit sat on an LA Times Web site for six weeks? That’s crazy.

Now on the WiiU: Google Maps with Street View. Mmmkay. Good evening, Internet…

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