Google Alerts, Facebook, Linear Equations, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, February 17, 2013

Danny notices his Google Alerts are getting skimpy. I noticed that a while ago; I am using Google’s Web search API to run a search directly to an RSS feed. It works better than the regular Google Alerts but it’s still pretty thin, especially compared to even six months ago.

So apparently Facebook was hacked, but no user data was compromised (so says Facebook.)

Rumor: Google’s going to open its own retail stores?

More Google: It’s on the patent suit train. (Ewww.)

Nice hints: turn your old smartphone into a standalone media player.

Wolfram|Alpha now offers step-by-step solutions for systems of linear equations.

Google now allows you to move Blogger blogs and Google+ pages through its Takeout tool.

Ooops, I’m finding this one pretty late, so catch it while you can — is offering free access to its Canadian marriages collections until 18 February. Run!

The Library of Congress is laying out a plan to save sounds.

Reading this makes me want to yell at y’all to get off my lawn: the source code for the 1990 version of Photoshop has been released. Good morning, Internet…

Categories: morningbuzz

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