Craigslist, Tweets, Ubuntu, Traffic Jams, More: Monday Morning Buzz, February 18, 2013

Nice one from Robin Good: organize your bookmarks into visual start pages with Draggo.

WOW. Get your last 3200 tweets, all in one page: (Thanks to Ed R, who I think posted this on Twitter.)

FamilySearch has added a bunch of new collections from all over the world.

An interesting analysis of Craigslist that I thought would be aboue user interface but is more about how it can continually get away with being terrible in many key areas.

More Craigslist: Digital Trends has a roundup of Craigslist search engines.

Why is Robert Anthony so gosh-darn pinteresting? He shares his tips in this article. (Disclaimer: I am still trying to “get” Pinterest.)

Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail!) is now available in Alpha 2 release.

Warning: this is an astonishing time sink. Explore Google Maps via The Secret Door.

Whoops. Google had to remove an asteroid “doodle” because of the meteorite event in Russia.

What-will-they-think-of-next: using cell phone data to track the origins of traffic jams. Good morning, Internet…

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