NBA, Adobe, Project Management, Duke, Firefox, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz Amuck, February 22, 2013

Adobe is preparing to release emergency patches for Reader and Acrobat.

No two Web pages are separated by 19 clicks? That many?

Wow! The NBA has made available the league’s entire statistical history.

Hmmm! Competitive intelligence research on LinkedIn using hashtags.

Google has killed off its “Search Stories” video creator.

Have you heard about Social media for recipes. Good thing I just had breakfast.

A Carnegie Mellon University researcher has released to open source a new project management software called Pipeline. “A fundamental concept behind Pipeline relates to the notion of trust, said Kurt Luther, a post-doctoral fellow in CMU’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Pipeline enables leaders to meter out different levels of trust to different individuals, giving up a degree of authority in return for greater accountability. Some individuals are trusted to create and lead tasks, while other members are limited to working on existing tasks.”

Ruh-roh. Malicious Chrome app which can take over your Facebook account, ahoy…

Coursera has added a bunch of new content to its online learning platform.

Duke University is offering a “Digitize This Book” service. Digitized books go into the Internet Archive. NICE.

Firefox 19 is here.

Cyndi’s List has been nominated for a 2013 Genealogy Readers’ Choice Award! Go vote for her! Good afternoon, Internet…

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