Google, Ubuntu, New Jersey, More: Big Sunday Morning Buzz, February 24, 2013

Is Google going to launch a streaming music service?

This is interesting: Mapped Twitter languages in New York. More mapped data: Missed connections on Craigslist.

From Lifehacker: a GMail script that automatically cleans out

Another nice one from Lifehacker: How to conduct scientific research on the Internet (without getting duped.)

A Pinterest for creative professionals? Check out The Matboard.

VERY nice. 8 Hidden but Powerful Google Tools for Business.

Codeacademy is offering a new round of lessons for APIs.

New at the UK Web Archive — a collection of Web sites relating to 19th century English literature.

From PC World: 21 Time-Saving Tricks to power through your e-mail. Ooooh, I like the one about saving attachments to Dropbox…

Ubuntu — coming soon to a tablet near you.

Google has announced the new Chromebook Pixel and it’s A ZILLION DOLLARS. Actually it’s $1299, but it might as well be a zillion.. that’s an Apple price right there.

The New Jersey state police have announced an online municipal crime statistics database.

The Kerala State Central Library of India has started digitizing hundreds of rare books.

Sounds very interesting: Pop-Up Archive is looking for beta testers.
“So what does Pop Up Archive do exactly? Put plainly, we’re building an oral history archive service that: Preserves digital audio. … Pop Up Archive enables anyone to add archival records and safeguard media privately on Pop Up Archive servers or publicly at the Internet Archive. … Pop Up Archive uses speech-to-text software to create useful subject tags about your audio automatically. You’ll also be able to add custom metadata using a simple form or by importing your existing CSV or XML records.”

Drat you Phil Bradley for writing about this Web site full of opening themes for TV shows. Must… not… browse… … good… morning… Internet…

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