Barrel Rolls, Vine,, More: Short Saturday Afternoon Buzz, March 2, 2013

Barry reports a problem with the Google query do a barrel roll — Google Instant gets a little enthusiastic and barrel rolls before you can complete the search. That means that if you weren’t trying to do a barrel roll, you’ll have a hard time completing your search. You can avoid this by beginning your search with +, or if you’re worried about a modifier try beginning with “”.

This is interesting — using Vine to make six-second library instructional videos.

The MLB has apparently released tons of archives. is moving to a freemium model (and I have invites on Facebook.)

Does something appear to be missing in your life? Feeling a little … empty? It’s nothing, you just went a few days without hearing about yet another zero-day Java exploit. See? All better.

Google has announced several accessibility features for Chrome as well as a sign language interpreter app for Hangouts.

Meanwhile, Yahoo has announced that it’s killing off several properties. I’m looking forward to the announcement of the properties into which it’s putting in extra resources and development.

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    • ME TOO. Yahoo’s got so much programmer talent, I’d hate to lose something like Pipes. On the other hand I don’t see where Pipes will fit in their increasingly-consumer-oriented direction…

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