Smartphones, USC, Brooklyn, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, March 6, 2013

LifeHacker has a great article on all the cool stuff you can do with an old smartphone.

The University of Southern California is digitizing all its student publications. (Thanks to LibraryStuff for the tip.)

There’s a new archive available to celebrate the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Brooklyn New York is getting a huge online photo archive.

Now showing up in Google Search — Events on Google Calendar.

The OEDb has launched a new directory of free open courses online. There are over 10,000 courses in this directory!

The Census Bureau has made new Congressional districts and three decades’ worth of demographic data available in its API.

Out now: yet another emergency patch for Java. Have you disabled Java in your browser today?

Interesting: 16 Ways Businesses are Using Twitter Vine.

Some nice thoughts on Teaching with Google Docs.

Happy Birthday Cyndi’s List, 17 years old this week! Good morning, Internet..

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