Digitizing, Darpa, YouTube, More: Short Friday Morning Buzz, March 8, 2013

A very interesting story at Reason about a one-man digitizing juggernaut. Wow.

This proposal from Darpa sounds pretty scary. “Analyzing speech and improving speech-to-text machines has been a hobby horse for Darpa in recent years. But this takes it a step further, in exploring the ways crowdsourcing can make it possible for our speech to be recorded and stored forever. But it’s not just about better recordings of what you say. It’ll lead to more recorded conversations, quickly transcribed and then stored in perpetuity — like a Twitter feed or e-mail archive for everyday speech. Imagine living in a world where every errant utterance you make is preserved forever.” I spend a lot of time working at home alone. I guarantee most of the archive would be me swearing at the computer and singing to the cat.

Is YouTube going to launch a streaming music service later this year?

In our “Weird Data” department: check out this story correlating hospital “likes” on Facebook to mortality from heart attacks. “Researcher Alex Timian and his coauthors looked at the Facebook pages of 82 hospitals in the New York City area. They also catalogued the mortality rates of heart attack patients at these hospitals, as measured by the percentage of said patients who died in 30 days. They found that more Facebook likes meant lower mortality — every 1% drop in mortality rate was associated with 93 extra likes.”

The information and communication technology industry of South Africa is going to get an online database.

Instagram! How to Enhance Your Instagram Web Profile for Improved Exposure.

Are you going to miss TweetDeck? PC Magazine has some alternatives.

A new version of MediaWiki is out with some security fixes. Good morning, Internet…

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