Music, Side Effects, Facebook, Animated GIFs, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, March 9, 2013

Lifehacker has a neat story about Songdrop, which allows you to organize music you find all over the Web into one place.

Nathan Safran, over at SearchEngineLand, blue skies on what he’d like a search engine to look like. Frankenresults.

IFTTT has added new triggers for SoundCloud and Foursquare.

From HostDime: a big roundup of Google+ tips and tools.

Wow! Using Web searches to find side effects for drugs.

Someone did some research on digital media sales after Megaupload was shut down, and the results aren’t surprising (at least not to me): “While Kim Dotcom continues to fight his Megaupload copyright case in New Zealand and the United States, a new academic study concludes that ‘the closing of a major online piracy site can increase digital media sales, and by extension we provide evidence that Internet movie piracy displaces digital film sales.'”

A UK regional newspaper publisher is opening up a new free newspaper archive.

CNET takes a thoughtful look at the new Facebook news feed.

Hey, I didn’t know you could inserted animated GIFs in Google Docs!

Google+ has added a bunch of updates. (Is it just me or does the cover photo seem unaccountably huge?)

FamilySearch has added a ton of records (like, over eight million images) to its New York Probate Records collection.

Now available: a new online archive for Egyptian stamps. Good afternoon, Internet…

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