Google, National Geographic, Wolfram|Alpha, a Little More: Sunday Morning Springing Forward Buzz, March 10, 2013

Many American readers! Did you spring forward this weekend?

Big digitizing project — the Vatican will need 2.8 petabytes of space for its plan to digitize the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Google is making its Public Alerts available in Japan.

More Google: Google Alerts continues to not work. Unfortunately, Google Alerts crushed so much of the competition there aren’t many alternatives available.

Even more Google: Street View in Europe has expanded.

More Google Street View (domestic this time) — is Google about to settle an investigation into its collection of personal data during Street View mapping?

Cool! National Geographic has joined Tumblr, and is posting rarely-seen images from its archives.

VERY interesting: decoding medical prescriptions with Wolfram|Alpha. Good morning, Internet…

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