Google Reader, Dropbox, Twitter, More: Short Sunday Morning Buzz, March 17, 2013

More Google Reader ruminating: should Yahoo revamp its RSS feed reader? (which I had totally forgotten about?) Also: Using IFTTT instead of Google Reader. Which would be fine except I would have to SET UP THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO RECIPES. No thanks. (And that’s just my Web based reader. I use two desktop RSS readers. Yes I am pathetic; how kind of you to ask.) Meanwhile, Digg is making its own reader.

Creative Commons has announced a “School of Open” with courses focusing on things like copyright, Wikipedia, and using CC licenses.

Is the Register of Copyright going to call for reduction in copyright term? Holy bean dip. Life plus fifty.

Dropbox has acquired Mailbox.

An interesting study breaking down Twitter’s cliques and communities.

MakeUseOf has some creative uses for Dropbox (or whatever cloud storage you happen to prefer.)

Lifehacker breaks down permissions requirements for Chrome extensions. Good morning, Internet, and happy St. Paddy’s Day…

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  1. Fascinating developments on the copyright front. Thanks for drawing attention to this development. Something that seems to get lost more and more in the digital age is the beneficial goal of copyright in the first place: to encourage creative people to continue to create and to make their work available to the larger society. We need to return the focus of the discussion to the value of this public good. It would make progress toward reform a lot easier.

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