Turkish Music, Twitter, Formspring, Genealogy, More: Monday “No, I Will NOT Shut Up About Google Reader” Buzz, March 18, 2013

Did you catch all of yesterday’s St. Patrick’s logos? Here’s a roundup.

PC World speculates on which Google services will be next to go. Someone please explain to me why Google killed Reader before Orkut. Meanwhile, CNN looks at other beloved products that died an early death. Are you SERIOUSLY comparing Google Reader to Guitar Hero?

And of course the lovely Phil Bradley is always on the case with 33 more Google Reader alternatives. By the way, who else is talking about the demise of Reader? Oh, THE ECONOMIST.

More Google reader stuff: a new mailing list devoted to RSS sync is now available. This is for the more techie people. More techie stuff: look at all the hassle the poor Newsblur developer has had to deal with over the last several days. I am crazy impressed with how he, a one-man-operation, has handled it.

Google Operating System has some hints about a potential new service called Google Keep. The comments are about what you’d expect right now… the first thing I thought was “What, and kill Evernote?”

A new Turkish music archive is now available and – it’s in ten languages, including English. “[Ibrahim] Şahin said that the archive would be followed from all around the world, adding: ‘One of the most important parts of this work is that we continue this activity in 10 languages. It will be online in Turkish and English, and we will [post information] about music events on the website. The reason why we also made it in English is that some parts of these notes have been interpreted as chants and aria music in churches. People of Armenian origin will be able to reach their own music thanks to this structure. We have received good reactions from these people and it makes us very happy.'” I browsed the archive a bit and not every last thing is in English, but enough so you can follow along. The videos were real slow-loaders, though.

Interesting: How Twitter has made me a new teacher.

This news got buried: Formspring is shutting down.

Genealogists! Can’t make it to RootsTech? Some of it will be streaming online. Good morning, Internet…

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