Archives, Twitter, A New Spreadsheet, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, March 21, 2013

Google Reader Roundup: Looking for a more specialized reader? Check out Bibliogo, which is described here as a free reader devoted to science and technology. Meanwhile The Next Web asserts that Google is straying from its original purpose, using an NCAA bracket as an example.

More Google: here’s another complaint about the current state of Google Alerts, which is really, really bad. And apparently there isn’t much response from Google. Meanwhile, there aren’t that many good alert services available anymore because most of them were wiped out by Google Alerts. So far I’m not very impressed with Mention. The Facebook mentions are okay but the Web mentions are really, really thin.

Also, Google has launched Google Drive Realtime API. has started free weekly livestream videos to provide information on genealogy topics.

Hmm. The Washington Post is going to raise a paywall — at least if you read over 20 articles a month.

Tools: A big pile of Power Point alternatives on EdCanvas. (Thanks Joyce.)

Here are Nine tools to improve social media productivity. I use two of these.

TechCrunch has an article about new online spreadsheet Fivetran. “Most people, for better or worse, use their spreadsheets as databases…” Guilty as charged.

Interesting: How to find the right Twitter user in a crisis. This article doesn’t address the topic so much as it outlines a recently-written paper that addresses the topic. (The paper is available online.)

Cool, I didn’t know about most of these: 20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter Power Users.

Fast Company notes some hidden gems in Flickr’s archives. Warning: timesink. Good morning, Internet…

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