Google, Beaches, NASA, LOC, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, March 23, 2013

Google Reader: Om Malik pitches in two cents about Google Keep — mainly that he’s not going to use it. The comments are interesting to read, too, but the ones along the lines of “Google starting new products encourages competition!” just make me roar in frustration. No. Google is too big for that. Google does not encourage competition, at its very best it doesn’t discourage it. And it when it does things like enter a market, wipe out the competitors, and then yank or stop supporting its own products, it pees on the ecosystem. And I’m not talking about just Google Reader – there have been many posts and stories over the last few weeks about issues with Google Alerts. Has anyone seen any kind of substantive response from Google? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Google things: So Google is apparently getting rid of the print version of Frommer’s Travel Guides? Because the Internet is instantly, cheaply, and easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and electronic gadgets never run out of power. Google has also opened its Universal Analytics into public beta.

More Google Things: If you’re doing Google+ searches, you can now filter for photos only.

With this cold cold weather I need to feel a little summer-y, so I’m happy to pass on the news that the National Weather Service has launched a Beach Hazards and Safety Web site.

Wow, the NASA Technical Reports Database has gone dark. (I think I found out about this via Shirl, thanks Shirl.)

The Library of Congress looks back at six months of Congress.gov. In other LOC news, the 2012 National Recording Registry has been announced.

Looking for MOOCs? Check out http://www.class-central.com/.

Whew: Apple’s huge AppleID security hole has apparently been fixed.Good thing Apple is now offering two-step verification. (I wish Amazon would offer two-step verification.) Good morning, Internet…

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