Star Trek, Amazon, WWII Newspapers, Quora, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, March 24, 2013

Nerd out! Hulu has made almost 700 episodes of various Star Trek franchises free to watch until the end of March.

Good grief, just about everything gets in an infographic these days — including the NCAA tourney.

Posterous refugees, you have a new option: Posthaven has launched in public beta.

Amazon has launched a new “Send to Kindle” feature that publishers can install on their own Web sites. Looks interesting but I’m really happy with Pocket.

10th Mountain Division newspapers from WWII are now available online. “Dennis Hagen, 10th Mountain Division Archivist at the Denver Public Library added, ‘The 10th Mountain Division’s incredible accomplishments during World War II have been well documented in countless books and articles. The extensive and intensive mountain and winter warfare training that prepared the Division for battle is much less well-known. The Camp Hale Ski-Zette and The Blizzard provide a valuable window into what life was like for young military men preparing to go to war and a unique perspective on brief moment in Colorado’s history that is probably not available anywhere else.'”

Genealogy search engine Mocavo has announced a learning center for genealogists who want more guidance in researching their family history.

Oh look, you can finally do full-text search on Quora! About time!

OHAI! Google Image Search now lets you find animated GIFs.

Nice: safety data for vehicles, now available as an API.

Mashable takes a look at Mention as a replacement for Google Alerts. It’s okay for non-Web stuff, but it’s missing Web things.

Snark and data, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. When should we expect Google to shut down Google Keep? Good morning, Internet…

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