Google, LOC, Quilters, Instagram, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, March 26, 2013

More Google Reader alternatives: an assistant professor at Rice has turned GMail into an RSS reader by using rss2email. If the instructions for doing that scare you, you can use IFTTT instead.

The Library of Congress has announced a new free resource – an e-book called “Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving”. Useful for you genealogists out there.

QUILTERS IN ARIZONA! (I know there are at least a few quilters who read ResearchBuzz) — The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame needs quilts and quilt information for its online database.

The Monday Note (which I have not read before but that’s changing right now) has a thoughtful breakdown on Marissa Mayer’s edict of no work from home. I didn’t agree with that policy (I thought she should have just identified the slackers and fired them) but this article may have changed my mind. Very interesting.

Phil Bradley takes a quick look at Zoom, a freemium Web conferencing service.

Google has announced Google Capture for Hangouts.

More Google: it has apparently officially discontinued the Blocked Sites feature. Wow.

Do you miss Instagram pix in your Twitter feeds? Now you can get them back with a Chrome extension.

Heh: this site lets you fake like you’re on Wikipedia. Good morning, Internet…

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