Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, More: Brief Wednesday Morning Buzz, March 27, 2013

Google Reader: Digg is leaving some tantalizing hints about what its Reader replacement will do. Yahoo is getting in on the action, having acquired the Summly news aggregator. Meanwhile Ed Bott at ZDNet wrote an article thoroughly documenting how Google destroyed the RSS reader space before pulling the plug on Reader.

It starts off as an article about an odd/silly Twitter tool which finds tweets of people publicly complaining about how they hate their jobs. But there are some interesting statistics in here about those kinds of Twitter accounts and how they compare to people who tweet positively about their jobs.

Interesting: predicting the spread of lung cancer using an algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank. “The study is part of a relatively new movement to involve physical sciences in oncology research. Mathematics probability models that interpret data from specific patient populations offer a new alternative to the established approach of relying on broader clinical trends to predict where, and how fast, cancer will spread.”

More Google: Phil Bradley goes to Google, gets six results on a page, and goes off.

Even MORE Google: Visually has a new tool that shows your Google Analytics data as an infographic.

LinkedIn has a new search engine.

TIME kicks in on its 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013. Hey, there’s Glenn! Good morning, Internet…

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