Google, Amazon, Internet, Florida, More: Quick Friday Morning Buzz, March 29, 2013

Good catch on the menu item: is Google rethinking shutting down Google Reader? I doubt it but it’s interesting reading.

More Google: The FBI wants more real-time GMail spying power.

Nice one from Lifehacker: the best ways to be sure that your use of online photos is legal.

More from Lifehacker: Dropproxy lets you hide your user name when sharing public files.

The Smithsonian Libraries has an excellent blog post: Finding Current Research Using Free Online Sources.

Ooopsie: thousands of Amazon S3 data stores are configured incorrectly and have been left open.

Apparently a giant DDoS attack
caused Internet disruption and widespread wonkiness yesterday. Did you notice any problems?

Lisnews pointed me to this awesome article about the digitizing of parish records in Florida — parish records that go back to the 1500s.

Woo! An RPG built entirely in a spreadsheet. I love this, but I am a huge nerd. Good morning, Internet…

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