Google, Amazon, Delicious, More: Monday Morning No Foolin’ Buzz, April 1, 2013

META: Is anybody else getting a flood of Google Alerts for “old” content — like from early and mid March? (This is not an April Fool; I’m getting tons of them suddenly for some reason)

Yelp has released a free revenue estimation tool for local businesses.

The Wilson Center has released a massive new declassified materials archive. “… declassified official documents from nearly 100 different archives in dozens of different countries that provide fresh, unprecedented insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy.”

Amazon has acquired Goodreads.

Microsoft has launched a Web site for searching its patents.

Apparently Google’s new Compose experience is now the default. Afraid I don’t care for it — I’ll have to get used to it..

Delicious has some new features. I like the idea of logging into Twitter and having Delicious automatically pull my links.

blekko has announced some new features for its search engine, izik.

The US Census Bureau has released a new extraction tool for employment data. “Primarily for advanced users, the new tool allows users to extract data for specific geographies and industries without first downloading large data sets. The data are available in comma separated value (.csv) format for states, counties, metropolitan and micropolitan areas, and workforce investment areas. Future updates to the tool will include additional Local Employment Dynamics data products.”

An article at INC. compares Google Keep to Evernote. I’ll be sticking with Evernote, thanks.

I never know whether to post on April Fools’ Day — but if you’re into that sort of thing here are popular pranks from years gone by. I’ll post links to roundups of this year’s pranks tomorrow. Good morning, Internet…

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