Google, SEC, Firefox, Bing, More: Fat Saturday Morning Buzz, April 6, 2013

When you’re stuck in line and want something better to do than playing Scramble (not that there’s anything better than playing Scramble.) Udemy aggregates both paid and free classes into an iOS app.

And in our “OH FREAKIN’ SWEET!” department, we have a new free tool that takes tables of data in PDF files and extracts them into CSV format.

Useful: has a tool for verifying whether social media accounts are official government accounts or not.

Remember when I mentioned that Google was stopping the publication of Frommer’s travel guides in print? Arthur Frommer has bought the brand back and will be resuming publication of the travel guides in ebook and paper format. You GO Mr. Frommer.

More Google: Google+ has gotten full-size image uploads from the desktop.

The SEC has decided that it’s okay for public companies to use social media to make disclosures. So a company could have their CEO account announce something to Facebook “friends,” and that’s okay (but the friend limit is 5000 people.) Or make an announcement at 5pm on Friday via a Facebook fan page, knowing very well that Facebook does not distribute fan page posts to all fans. I won’t even go INTO searching social media archives to find something a year or two after the fact. I think this is a terrible idea.

Firefox Version 20 is now available.

Greg at Search Engine Showdown has an update on Bing’s date searching. URL switches! Woo!

Interesting: Yahoo Mail has teamed up with Dropbox.

Do you use SoundCloud? TechHive offers some hints for digging into it. Good morning, Internet…

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