Vermont, Alaska, Tumblr, Twitter, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, April 11, 2013

META: Any researchers out there who specialize in online medical research? I have done this as favors to friends and for families, but I am not any kind of a pro. A reader writes: “My spouse is grappling with chronic heartburn. They’ve done some basic Google searches and hunted around online for resources. I suggested that they may want to pay an online researcher for an hour or two of work to try and dig up some obscure patient forums of people who have battled/dealt with chronic heartburn.” If you are a medical-oriented researcher or know one, please leave a note in the comments (or, if you get this via e-mail, send me an e-mail)! Thank you!

Forbes has an article about Julian Assange’s new online archive (not really a search engine as I’ve seen in called in a few articles) the Public Library of United States Diplomacy (PLUS D). “The group has started with a searchable archive that includes the 250,000 leaked State Department memos it had previously titled Cablegate and added to them 1.7 million files from the State Department during the 1973 to 1976 tenure of Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State. In total, the archive includes about a billion words.”

Vermont citizens, your state treasurer has created new tools for finding and claiming lost life insurance benefits.

The city of Petersburg, Alaska now has an online newspaper archive. The current archive spans from 1913 to 1931.

More newspapers: meanwhile, the San Bernardino County Sun archives are being donated to the San Bernardino County Historical Archives and Cal State San Bernardino’s John M. Pfau Library. The newspaper archives, which go back to 1894, will be digitized by the San Bernardino County Archives.

Wait, Tumblr has shut down Storyboard? What?

I found out from PetaPixel about
PhotosNormandie, an online archive of over 3000 photos from the Battle of Normandy and afterwards.

The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan is planning an oral history project, the results of which will be posted in an online database.

So apparently the further you travel from your home the happier your tweets get? Hey, let’s test this out — somebody send me to the moon!

More Twitter: there are 20 million fake Twitter accounts?

I’m not sure WHY you’d want to do this, but you can now hide messages in photos on Facebook, thanks to a new browser extension.

Hey! You can now search video on There’s also a new RSS feed to track activity on the House floor.

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  1. I’m not a medical researcher but tell them to try giving up wheat. See for lots of articles on why wheat is bad for you and what it does to the body. I wouldn’t say I had chronic heartburn but I haven’t had heartburn since I gave up wheat.

  2. Dear Research buzz

    I do online medical searching so you could pass my email to your contact, if you wish.

    Incidentally, may I say how very useful I find your emailings? – always something of interest and note.

    best regards

  3. For the online medical research, I suggest they visit their local, community hospital. I was a medical librarian for 10 years, and I often helped patients find more technical information. The service should be free.

  4. I’m an experienced medical librarian and can assist the reader with online medical research

  5. I, too, am currently battling chronic heartburn. I take Nexium daily, and a few times a year I add in a few Tums when the Nexium doesn’t conquer it for the entire day. I have read about vinegar supplements (cider vinegar 1 teaspoon a day or nowadays there are tablets). Also, I am sure in my mind that if I lost a ton of weight, I would not have to take Nexium again. I’m in therapy to try to get a handle on other issues, so weight is not a priority at this time. I read about the vinegar supplement from The People’s Pharmacy which, I believe, had a few other suggestions.

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