Diagon Alley, Open-Access Manuscripts, Bing, Twitter, More – Friday Morning Fizzy Fireworks Buzz, July 5, 2013

Now on Google Street View: Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter).

PC Magazine offers 9 Replacements for Google Reader. I like Newsblur. (By the way, if you haven’t gotten your Google Reader data yet, you’ve got until 15 July.) Oh, and now that Google Reader is well and truly gone, can I start ranting about the fact that I’m freaking furious that Undrip went out????!!! it was the only chance I had of keeping up with Twitter and now, once again, I am without a tool. Drat you Undrip, you were buggy as a June picnic but you were also incredibly useful!

Nice news from Nature Blog — the NIH is is seeing a surge in open-access manuscripts. “In May, authors approved more than 10,000 peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from NIH-funded research to go into the agency’s online free repository, PubMed Central. That’s a huge jump from the average 5,100 per month in 2011–12, and suggests the agency is nearing its goal of getting everyone it funds to make their papers publicly available.”

Bing has added a usage rights filter to its image search.

Lifehacker has some sweet GMail / IFTTT recipes.

Hubze has an extensive guide on how to network on Google+. Meanwhile, I am still struggling to get it. So many cool people on there. Here’s me having a hard time getting oriented. If you groove on Google+ give me a shoutout and I’ll try to wrap my head around it. Again.

Tweets from the Twitter accounts of some Egyptians are being automatically translated by Twitter. “Twitter has provided a list of all the Egyptian accounts it is translating, called egypt2013, which has 63 members.” Good morning, Internet…

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