Irish Cartoons, Australian Hospitals, Evernote, Indiana, The Chicagoan, More… Fat & Sassy Wednesday Buzz, July 10, 2013

(Hi guys! I went to see a movie yesterday — my first trip to a movie theatre in over a year. It was Iron Man 3. I hated it! But it was fun to get to go to a movie.)

Facebook explains how to turn on two-factor authentication. Every time I read something about a new major site offering two-factor, I ask the same question: Why doesn’t Amazon offer it yet?

The National Library of Ireland has launched a digitized version of the Shemus Cartoon Collection. “In December 2006 the National Library of Ireland acquired some 250 original drawings of the Shemus cartoons that appeared in the Freeman’s Journal between 1920 and 1924, the final years of that old and distinguished Irish newspaper. … These cartoons are remarkably hard-hitting comments on the events of this bitterly contested period in Irish history.”

The New York Times takes a look at Facebook’s upgraded Graph Search.

The Alaska Satellite Facility Distributed Active Archive Center has released a new collection of 1978 data from NASA’s Seasat satellite. “The new downloadable digital imagery will enable scientists to travel back in time for research on oceans, sea ice, volcanoes, forests, land cover, glaciers and more…. SAR bounces a microwave radar signal off the surface of Earth to detect physical properties, including surface roughness….Until now, Seasat SAR data was archived on magnetic tapes, and images processed from the tapes were available only as optical images of film strips or scanned digital images. Neither the tapes nor the film allow the quantitative analysis possible with the new digital archive. It was also not possible to use the tape media on which the limited set of initial digital imagery was recorded.” (The whole article gives a lot more detail; having a little trouble wrapping my head around Seasat, thus the extensive quotes.)

There’s a new Web tool available for finding the cleanest (and dirtiest) hospitals in Australia.

The state of Missouri will apparently not be getting a worker’s compensation claim database.

An article in PC World offers five alternatives to PowerPoint, three of which I’d never heard of.

Mashable has an Evernote guide for beginners.

More from Mashable: you can now embed Instagram photos and videos.

Fast Company has an interesting article on ten little-known apps that “entrepreneurs can’t live without” — you know, you can just say they’re really cool apps. I love two of them very much. (Buffer and Pocket.)

CalPERS is set to release a massive database of retiree pensions. “The California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s database will provide information that is considered public: pensioners’ names, their monthly gross pension payment, their base allowance, the cost-of-living adjustment, their years of service, the date they retired, their pension benefit formulas, final compensation and last employer.” (UPDATE: Apparently it’s been delayed.)

Meanwhile, the state of Indiana has launched a database of school bus inspections.

Aaaaaand Minnesota has a new air quality Web site.

You’ve heard of the magazine The New Yorker, right? Did you know there was one called The Chicagoan? It’s not around any more but its 1926-1935 run has been mostly digitized and made available online. Good afternoon, Internet…

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