Useful Zombies, Egg-Laying Worms, IFTTT, More — Less-Gross-Than-It-Sounds Friday Buzz, July 12, 2013

Downloaded all your Google Reader but don’t know how to actually get anything out of it? This zombie has your back. “If you created a full backup for your Google Reader account while it was still possible, you probably need a way browse the data. Fortunately, Mihai Parparita created Zombie Reader, a tool that resurects the Google Reader interface and transforms into a viewer for your data.”

Speaking of Reader, TechCrunch takes a look at Feedspot, and finds it a solid Reader replacement. I’m still happy with NewsBlur.

Business Week has an article about a new search engine called Blippex. “Hence the decision by the team behind Archify to launch a new crowdsourced public search engine called Blippex. It’s not a pivot—Archify, a personal search engine that archives the users’ browsing, is still going—but rather an experimental repurposing of some of Archify’s core technology. For example, Blippex’s ranking is largely based on the same DwellRank technology, used to order results by time spent on pages and the level of user interaction, that underpins Archify.” The idea of ranking by the level of user interaction is an interesting one, but they get that data via a browser plugin, and that — eww, no thanks.

The New York Times is working on some upgrades to its online archive, TimesMachine.

Coming soon — an online vehicle recall database for the US. You’ll be able to look up vehicles by VIN and see if they’ve been recalled and fixed.

Zooniverse’s latest crowdsourced science project: WORM WATCH LAB! Watch a video of worms! When they lay an egg hit the Z key! Um, thanks, but I think I’ll stick with Snapshot Serengeti.

IFTTT is getting some mobile-specific tools. This is definitely on my “to-explore” list.

Wolfram|Alpha has added over 50K new words to its database.

Ooo! Thanks to Miriam for the blog post about Elephind, a search engine specifically for digital newspaper collections.

Hmm. Virginia vital records to be available at DMV offices? Interesting. Good morning, Internet…

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