Google, Windows, Australia, More: Skinny Saturday Buzz, July 13, 2013

(I miss Google Reader, but I miss @Undrip more! Drat you Undrip! I have been playing with some potential substitutes and currently Flipboard is the least annoying. Sigh. Trying to use Twitter for resource discovery is a completely thankless task. But hey — ResearchBuzz two days in a row! Woo!)

Speaking of Google, Barry Schwartz notes a restored Google search feature that allows you to specify as your results only Web sites you have not yet visited. You have to be logged into your Google account to use this.

Still speaking of Google, an interesting read from TorrentFreak: Google Refuses to Delete Pirate Websites from its Search Results

Not speaking of Google as much, Gizmodo takes a look at search engine DuckDuckGo. I have been using DuckDuckGo sporadically ever since I ditched Ubuntu on two of my work machines and went to Mint, which has DDG as its default search tool. (Currently in the course of my day I use Ubuntu, Mint, and CrunchBang, but that’s a subject for another article.) For general searches, DuckDuckGo works fine. When I want to do something extensive, like a 10+ word query that’s not a phrase, I usually end up running it on Google.

Does the Windows install disc you have not match the Windows key you have? Check out this handy tool. I can think of about a million times when this would have been crazy useful…

Australia has a new online charities database. (Over 57K charities are listed!)

A WordPress 3.6 release candidate is now available.

Identifying Twitter ‘bot accounts by looking at the timing. I’m sure that @ResearchBuzz looks like a ‘bot since I run most of its tweets through Buffer. Good morning, Internet..

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