Genealogy, Guardian, Proxy Servers, E-Mail, and More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, July 16, 2013

You would not believe how happy I am that I have the time to do this right now.

From Inside History — 50 Genealogy Blogs You Need to Read. Australian-oriented, but not to the exclusion of everything else.

Oh boy. This looks like a mess waiting to happen. Yahoo is opening a “wish list” for inactive user names. As Marketing Land points out, “The danger is that new owners of these old Yahoo usernames/email addresses, could use the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ tool on any number of websites to learn passwords associated with the old Yahoo username and/or gain access to websites that are associated with it.” Yahoo is pushing a voluntary mail header to minimize problems like these, but here are the problems: it’s voluntary and it’s new. So Yahoo, how about you announce the nice shiny mail header first and give some big sites the chance to adopt and publicize it before kicking off the game of identity theft roulette? Just saying.

I had completely missed the news that Googlevista — sorry, Google — had stopped making Google Alerts available via RSS. Which is probably a good thing because you would have heard a Daffy Duck meltdown the likes of which you would not believe. Anyway, now you have to get Google Alerts via e-mail. Pfft. But Mention to the rescue! Mention will let you import your Google Alerts.

Speaking of alerts, UK newspaper The Guardian has launched its own notifications service in beta.

There’s Amit, getting all brilliant again: Using Google As a Proxy Server.

From HootSource: 5 Hacks to Combat E-Mail Overload. I checked and “move all your Google Alerts to e-mail instead of RSS” is not anywhere on the list.

Convert a PDF for Kindle viewing without software? Tell me more, Rick Broida…

For those of you who are better at G+ than I am, Google Operating System walks you through muting all posts from a person or page. Good morning, Internet…

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