Pills, Maps, 3D, Apollo Missions, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, July 24, 2013

Is it a dangerous drug — or is it a Skittle? Check out Pillbox (in beta), an NIH resource that lets you identify pills both visually and via text search (for drug name etc.)

Customers are apparently not satisfied with search engines. “There’s a mystery surrounding the latest customer satisfaction numbers released by ForeSee Results (for the American Customer Satisfaction Index [ACSI]). Published late last night, they indicate the lowest levels of consumer satisfaction with search engines (and portals) since 2003.” Perhaps more treating the end user as a human and not as a revenue source could alleviate that a bit…

Very nice! Free design programs for 3-D printers.

Speaking of 3D, a nice heads-up from Boing Boing about AutoDesk releasing a ton of stuff into the Creative Commons. “The group adopted the Creative Commons licensing which means 20,000 pages of documentation, 70 videos and 140 downloadable 3D asset files are now ready to be modified, remixed and shared globally.”

If you’re still satisfied with 2D creativity, check out this Mashable article on the best free image editors. It doesn’t have too many nice things to say about GIMP, but I LOVE GIMP. Love love love. Had it give it a little extra props because this article is so meh about it.

Want to make sure your favorite e-mails show up in the “Primary” tab of GMail’s new inbox? Check out this two-minute video.

Hmm. The top seven alternatives to the Google Maps API.

Oooh, I missed this. Nifty! Every public library and museum in America on a map! (Libraries one map, museums another.)

Nice one! State government contracts – a research guide. It’s focused on Maryland, but gives you an idea of what places are being consulted.

Sweetie, you had me at “Secret Online Gallery”. “There are many secrets hidden within the internet. You may not know this, but an online archive of high-resolution images of every Apollo mission exists. And it’s open to the public. And it has more than a few. You can find thousands of amazing photos from Apollo 1 through Apollo 17.” Good morning, Internet…

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