Friday Morning Buzz, July 26, 2013

(My thoughts are with Ilya Segalovich, co-founder of Yandex, and his family, as he is in grave condition after lapsing into a coma in the course of cancer treatment.)

Thank you LibraryStuff for the pointer to Wikipedia’s announcement about mobile editing. Initially you’ll need a Wikimedia account to do this. “For our first release, our primary goal was to create a fast, intuitive editing experience for new users and experienced editors alike, while still sticking with markup editing for now. We started simple so we could observe our users’ needs and expectations.”

Interesting story from Publishers Weekly on BookVibe, a service that mines Twitter to find out what books people are talking about.

MIT Libraries offers a guide to APIs for scholarly resources. “The guide lists commonly used scholarly resources at MIT that make their APIs available for use, including Nature, Web of Science, arXiv, PubMed, Scopus, and others.” (For some of these you have to be a content customer.”)

More music: Seven ways to find Creative Commons music.

YouTube Easter Eggs: how to make YouTube search go retro.

A list of cool ways libraries can use Vine.

An upcoming Google Hangout will be in a shark tank. Good morning, Internet..

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