Twitter, Pinterest,, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, August 3, 2013

Vocus has a walkthrough for the new Twitter analytics. Most surprising stat for me: 5% of my followers are in Washington DC. HEY Y’ALL!

More on Twitter: a real-time emoji tracker. The live updating is ridiculous! You really get a sense of how huge and busy Twitter is.

Even more on Twitter: Microsoft is doing some Twitter research with AskyBot: “On the Microsoft Research page, AskyBot is described as being part of a project about ‘(u)nderstanding people’s motivations and satisfaction when they ask questions using Twitter hashtags.'”

If you’re a Reddit fan, here are five free tools to cut through the Reddit clutter. “The five favorites below are all free, and all of them have such obviously useful features for organizing and navigating the site, it’s surprising that Reddit hasn’t incorporated competitive features (or bought out these tools).”

New from Pinterest: Price alerts!

My Facebook friend Nate Johnson Storify’d his experience with unboxing and using Google’s new Chromecast. Lots of interesting information and screenshots here.

There’s a lot more content available at

Twitter has released a new transparency report.

WordPress 3.6 (“Oscar”) is now available!

Interesting: a search engine for crowdfunding sites. I did some searches and the vast majority of results were from Kickstarter, though I found other ones from Indiegogo and one from Pozible. Good morning, Internet…

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