E-Mail, Genealogy, Twitter, NerdyData, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, August 4, 2013

Rick Broida takes a look at four utilities to help keep your e-mail organized. You know, I need to quit looking at these because I GET ALL DEPRESSED THINKING ABOUT EUDORA.

A Mashable article offers 8 alternatives to iTunes. They’re very Mac OS oriented; read the comments for many more options.

I find the new Facebook Graph search irritating because you can’t do post searches. But this Forbes article offers some interesting ways businesses can use the new Graph search feature.

Huh. I didn’t know Google would let you set a timer.

Twitter has added more content to its Web search results, specifically accounts and photos.

Hey, this is interesting: NerdyData, a search engine that searches source code. “The company’s custom crawler has visited more than 140 million homepages and collected 6.2 terabytes of HTML, Javascript, and CSS code. They have also designed several search interfaces that allow users to query against the source code of webpages, or in the Enterprise membership, download a list of sites containing a specific term.” It’s freemium; searches past a certain point require $$$.

The British Museum and the Penn Museum are teaming up. “The British Museum and the Penn Museum are embarking on a dynamic digital collaboration … that will provide unprecedented access to the archaeology of the ancient kingdom of Ur. This new online resource will open the remarkably successful Mesopotamian excavations conducted by Sir Leonard Woolley on behalf of both museums from 1922–1934—excavations which brought to light some of archaeology’s most extraordinary and famous finds—to scholars and the public alike.”

A VERY interesting read from Digital Trends: Instagram: The Dictator’s Choice! How Social Media Lets Us Mingle With Villains

Julie Tarr has finished her “Family History Through the Alphabet” post series. It covers several aspects of genealogy, from “Autosomal DNA” to “Zigzag”.

Speaking of genealogy, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Society Conference is going to livestream 50 sessions. Good morning, Internet…

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