Google, World War I, Instagram, Project Gutenberg, More – Friday Morning Buzz, August 9, 2013

Twitter has introduced a new login verification system.

Via WisBlawg, the Wisconsin Administrative Code archive back to 1956 have been scanned. “The Code does not appear in it’s entirety for these archived editions. Rather, each year contains a list of the Administrative Code Registers for each month. The chapters that were inserted or removed that month are linked.”

From Ronnie Bincer, a protip on recording private Hangouts with YouTube. Update: The ability to do this was apparently a bug and has been fixed.

Lincoln Spector has a brief article on how to find free TV on the Internet. If you do a lot of multimedia grazing, not much of this will surprise you. I would also add podcasts to this, as sometimes you can subscribe to shows for free using iTunes.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to go play Missle Command on YouTube. I’m more of a Galaga gal myself.

Google has added 79 new patents to its “Open Patent Non-Assertion” pledge. “These patents, Google says, cover software that is ‘used to efficiently operate data centers, including middleware, distributed storage management, distributed database management, and alarm monitoring.'”

The Digital Preservation blog at the US Library of Congress has a writeup about a new guide to archiving digital video.

Check out this exciting Kickstarter project — a man wants to digitize his great-grandfather’s album of almost a thousand photographs from World War I. There’s a Tumblr already available for some of the photographs.

Nice! Eight tips and tricks to get the most out of Project Gutenberg.

Instagram now lets you import saved video. Which means that I might actually start using Instagram’s video feature now.

Amit Agarwal does it again with this script to track pricing changes on Amazon and Flipkart using Google Docs.

Sorry, one more thing about Google Reader: maybe its demise wasn’t such a bad thing. Well, aside from the fact that it made me lose vast amounts of trust in Google. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. If you want to track Amazon prices check out “” Yes, that is 3 “Camels” in a row.

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