India, Google, U of Delaware, Bugs, More – Thursday Morning Buzz, August 15, 2013

The country of India has launched a National Repository of Open Educational Resources. “The repository currently includes videos, audio, interactive media, images, and documents, and aims to ‘bring together all digital and digitisable resources for the [Indian] school system – for all classes, for all subjects and in all languages.'”

The New York Times had an outage today and ended up publishing a lot on social media — except for Google+. I thought that was interesting. I don’t post much on Google+ either, but that’s because I haven’t found a decent way to schedule posts. That made me think of how many third party applications I use to make use of social media. Flipboard, TweetBot, Buffer – Facebook and Twitter would be a lot less useful for me without them. Where’s the ecosystem of third party apps for Google+?

I came across a press release for a new search engine called There’s not much there yet, but there’s some hints about using search to find interesting items in video.

Hey, happy first anniversary!

19.4 online searches in the US in July, according to CNET — and yet search technology is not innovating like you’d expect.

Google is adding more “quick answers” to its search. May not be available for you yet, though — I tried it and it didn’t work.

So now apparently Webmasters are afraid to “link out” after Google warnings. You know what? The hell with that. I do this for me and you, not for Google, and I get penalized, oh well. I put the responsibility for what is a viable link on me, not them.

Interesting: the University of Delaware has started an “old school” Pinterest board, highlighting archive photos back to 1888.

Did you know that the USDA has created a number of online tools to identify pests? Me neither. “ID Tools currently includes more than 30 websites covering a vast array of pests and pests associated with specific commodities. These tools help to keep international cargo—and economic activity—moving as efficiently as possible at U.S. ports of entry. However, ITP’s ID Tools web site, which receives about 12,000 visitors a month, is not for experts alone.” Good morning, Internet..

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