Floriculture, CSV Files, Virtual Genealogy Fairs, Thailand, More: Monday Morning Buzz, August 19, 2013

PCWorld takes a look at four Dropbox alternatives.

Coming soon: free VIN searches for cars.

A Google Street View driver ran into a little trouble in Thailand.

Roundup! 11 sites for free digital textbooks.

I know a de-duping tool for csv files doesn’t sound particularly exciting… but I think I’m in luvvvvvvv….

Hey! The National Archives will be having a virtual genealogy fair on September 3rd and 4th! “Lecture topics include Native American and African American history, immigration, Civil War pensions, U.S. Colored Troops, and Navy Deck logs…. National Archives staff will be available to answer research questions during the Fair.”

Fun stuff: using funky fonts in Twitter and Facebook.

This is good old-fashioned search-messin’: hacking Facebook’s graph searching using Facebook’s unique page ID numbers. I LOVE this. If you follow one link on today’s Morning Buzz, make it this one.

Oh look, another e-mail killer. I don’t mind the idea, but I’m still waiting on a good one.

Here’s your vocabulary word for the day: Floriculture. According to Wikipedia, floriculture is: “a discipline of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for floristry, comprising the floral industry. The development, via plant breeding, of new varieties is a major occupation of floriculturists.” And here’s your a search engine for your new vocabulary word via this article from Garden Center Magazine: “The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has partnered with North Carolina State University (NCSU) to create the Floriculture InfoSearch Engine, a powerful search engine for convenient and comprehensive access to floriculture literature, videos and presentations.”

So apparently Amazon is now doing roundups of the silliest product reviews. Some of these make me laugh harder than early episodes of Damn You Autocorrect. Good morning, Internet…

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