Fire Maps, Roman Coins, Twitter, Free E-Books, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, August 20, 2013

Family Tree Magazine has come out with its 2013 list of the 101 Best Web Sites for Genealogy.

There’s a new Web site that provides information on federal government salaries.

There’s a new database documenting coin hoards of the Roman Republic.
“The new web-based tool makes available in searchable form the contents of a database created by Dr. Lockyear of 694 Roman Republican coin hoards and the 115,000 coins that they contain. The new tool, which is based on the Numishare technology, makes it possible to browse, search, map and analyze the evidence of Roman coin finds in new ways.”

Google is running an experiment that gives site details in search results, and Google Operating System shows you how you can participate.

What? A new Web directory? It’s launching September 1, and I’m keeping an eye on Isoosi.

Nice find from LibraryStuff: Malay documents to be digitized.

Interesting: Twitter has launched a new feature that shows headlines related to a tweet.

PC World has a quick article on finding free e-books.

Now available from Penn State: a large archive of fire insurance maps for Pennsylvania.

High School students can now join LinkedIn. Lemme know if you want me to endorse you for Okra Folding. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Thanks for the mention… A web directory is probably not the best description of what we have going on at ISOOSI – even though we used that term ourselves… yes its our fault folks!

    Like you, we love search… and most of the folks at ISOOSI have been working in the Internet or “search for well over 10 years and some of us as long as 18 years.

    We love everything about it. There certainly is a web directory component to it – and it has more English language categorized links that any web directory currently online…. but we have also tried to do something a little different than most web directories. Many directories have been in the past utilized for one thing…. link equity.

    Webmasters, small business owners, SEOs in the past would get links and never visit those directories again. The visit was transactional and nothing more. Web directories for the most part didn’t get used – because the relevancy was never there with the search functions.

    Sure, you can use them as a directory and traverse the categories like the old school days….. but search engines showed that users don’t like (in the majority) to find information that way.

    Everything is a rush nowadays, Speed of information retrieval wins.

    I am not saying web directories don’t have a place in the current Internet ecosystem. I actually do think they do… but they need to offer much more than just a link.

    They need to be a place that is used…. whether that is used for research by way of search or for good content.

    If users used such a directory…. if it provided fresh relevant results in addition to the web directory categorized links….and offered a way to search many other great search systems…. then the businesses that did get listed in the directory would truly benefit from that web directory listing…. much more than just for link equity.

    For the small business owner – it is always about getting noticed. Quality targeted visitors and getting some traction while staying within budget. If a business owner lists on our directory we want to be able to say that was a good ROI for that business and that they got some traffic from it…. so we have tried to do things on the site that bring in additional traffic and keep the traffic there for some time.

    We’ll also have some great marketing tips, advice and other content for small business owners, webmasters, social media folks and SEOs on our blogs…

    We’re looking forward to showing you around 🙂

    Thanks Tara!

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