Twitter, Buffer, WWI, IFTTT, More – Thursday Morning Goodbye Elmore Leonard Buzz, August 21, 2013

Looks like an interesting series! Twitter for Sci-Ed, Part I.

Is Chrome going to get a “Supervised Accounts” feature?

Short-but-useful article from LifeHacker: how to fix multiple page articles all over the Web.

The State Library of South Australia has released a new Flickr set of WWI soldiers.

Handy tip from Google Operating System: count the number of files in a Google Drive Folder.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 is now available.

So apparently there’s a way you can hack Vine to upload videos taken outside the application. It’s a bit complicated, though —

Hey! I missed this article that IFTTT had teamed up with The New York Times. “Today the service announced a high-profile partnership with the New York Times that will allow users to engage with the paper’s plethora of content via new IFTTT recipes. Users have already come up with creative ways to integrate Times content into IFTTT recipes, such as ‘Place new NYT Theater events on your Google Calendar’ and ‘Get NYT Crosswords & Game links sent to your inbox.'”

Twitter hack… or not? Twitter says it’s all good.

Buffer, with which I am rapidly falling in love, now allows buffering social media posts to Google+ pages (though not personal accounts apparently.) Oh Buffer, marry me and let’s have little Bufferins. Update: I went to link ResearchBuzz and got the message: “The beta testing for Google+ pages posting is currently closed again. We’re going to open this up again very soon for you, please check back soon!” WOTTA TEASE.

Turn your Facebook updates into an animated hawk. Good morning, Internet…

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