LinkedIn, Australia, Facebook, SMOCs, EPA, Much More: Tuesday Truckload O’ Buzz, August 27, 2013

Now you can listen to Wikipedia being edited. I kind of love this. I went to the site to check it out and I just left it open. Bless Mark Wilson: he wrote an article that inspired a rant and then he pointed to this resource and I’m all calm again. Well. As calm as I get.

A brief article on using LinkedIn as an information gathering tool – it’s basically tweaking a setting, but this might actually take my LinkedIn home page from “completely ignored” to “occasionally read” so that’s pretty powerful. Be sure to check out the other LinkedIn post links at the bottom of the page.

The adventure of driving 1500 miles with Google Glass.

More Google: it wants your feedback on search policies. “Should we alert users if we suspect that there’s not much information on the web about their query? How should Google surface information that might affect a website’s ranking? How should we deal with businesses that we believe may be hacked? Should we do something completely different to support our users?” Should I spend sixteen hours filling out forms detailing all the ways that Google search can make me crazy?

Facebook has announced shared photo albums. This looks like it would be fun for a trip or folks with a common interest, like vintage photography or trains. (Mashable has instructions) on how to make one.

The Pro version of RSS reader Feedly is now available to everyone.

Genealogists! Researchers! People who really dig Australia! The State Library of Victoria and Museum Victoria are holding a series of free Webinars on how to make the most of their collections. Two titles: “Read all about it: Accessing current and historic newspaper collections” and “History in the making: Using multimedia to capture personal history”

Okay, I got my head wrapped around MOOCs, so of course there’s a new word – SMOCs. “A synchronous massive online course (SMOC) is a class taught online to large numbers of students who participate in real time as the class occurs. Unlike a MOOC, or massive open online course, a SMOC concentrates on increasing student participation, building a sense of community among students and making the class feel personal for all participants.”

The EPA has announced a new “Online Green Sports Resource Directory” which is basically what it says on the tin. It: “can help teams, venues, and leagues save money and reduce carbon pollution through increased energy efficiency… Additionally, the new directory contains information that can help teams reduce waste and gain recognition for their programs that reduce the environmental impact of their events.”

I admit to giggling: Apple’s Siri will talk smack about Google Glass.

As expected, Twitter has the 2013 VMA Roundup. It’s kind of interesting to see the Vines and embedded tweets and so forth, but I’m not destroyed that I missed the program. Good morning, Internet…

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