My Morning Rant: Vogue

Yesterday I asked on Twitter if anyone minded if I ranted a little. Getting no objections, here is my morning rant, and it is about a Fast Company article slamming Vogue. Vogue did a spread on Google Glass, and article author Mark Wilson thinks Vogue “made a complete joke” out of it. Coming on the heels of criticism about Vogue’s interview with Marissa Mayer, this was enough to drive me a little wild.

Those of you who know me know my day job is in a warehouse and my regular uniform is t-shirts and jeans, so this is not a question of being madly in love with the magazine. On the other hand for heaven’s sake y’all, it is VOGUE. It is about fashion. It is not built to provide thoughtful assessment, commentary, or analysis of technology and its trends. Bashing Vogue for being shallow on tech is like watching Squidbillies and decrying the lack of progressive social commentary.

The fourth estate is going to hell and the media property getting singled out for derision is flippin’ Vogue? Seriously? Seriously?

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  1. I think you were a little Vogue in your response. Actually, you were completely on point. Very good commentary. It’s as if only the Tech elite can write about something that concerns a fashion accessory, albeit one necessary for improved eyesight.

  2. Love the magazine, but thought Fast Company made a complete joke out of their coverage of the spring Paris catwalk shows.

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