Google, Yahoo, Elsevier, Jobs, OED, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, August 28, 2013

Morning Buzz Google has created a list of America’s “eCities” — one for each state. Some of them seem perfectly reasonable (Atlanta, Austin) and some of them had me scratching my head (North Myrtle Beach?)

Yahoo has redesigned several of its properties. After the Yahoo News redesign, I’m not tearing up the pea patch to look at these…

Speaking of Yahoo, here are some unofficial Yahoo logos. These are kind of cute! I like the little monster.

Nice article! How to get the most out of Google calendar. Several little tweaks and a couple of recommended apps.

Facebook has released its first transparency report.

Speaking of Facebook, there’s some new malware making the rounds.

Neat! Using crowdsourcing to create a database of surfaces. “Home remodeling specialists, for example, may soon be able to to show you how your kitchen would look with marble countertops or stainless steel appliances. To do this, computers have to be able to recognize and simulate common materials; so Cornell researchers have drawn on uniquely human skills to build a database of surfaces computers can work with.” OpenSurfaces has over 25,000 images!

Express Job Board has announced a new search engine for IT-related jobs. (Press release.)

Debuting online next month: the Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine (that’s Florida.) “Items in the database include the FBI files detailing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s time in St. Augustine, audio from Jackie Robinson’s visit to the area, and the archives of civil rights leader Andrew Young.”

Lifehacker compares “Read Later” apps Pocket, Instapaper, and Readability. I love Pocket.

Elsevier has announced a new open access journal: Water Resources and Industry. (Press release.)

So apparently “twerk” is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. I have so many jokes for that I can’t decide on one. Good morning, Internet…

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