Twitter, Journalism, Maps, More – Saturday Morning Buzz, August 31, 2013

Ooo ooo! More Labor Day weekend genealogy freebies! This time it’s free census stuff from MyHeritage.

This should be useful: protected tweets now show up on Twitter searches done by the protected account and its approved followers.

Handy roundup from How-To Geek: How to send large files via e-mail (when they’re really too big for your e-mail.)

The Internet went a little nuts earlier this week when the news started circulating that Facebook supported animated GIFs. Unfortunately that’s not quite the case, as you’ll see in this article from Mashable.

I think I found this on Joyce Valenza’s feed, thanks Joyce! Google Docs grading tips and tricks.

If you’re feeling learny: 10 Web sites that teach coding and more from Lifehacker.

Om Malik has a writeup about a tool that lets you put in an Instagram or Twitter ID and get a map of where that person has been along with a list of their geotagged tweets/pictures. Of course, if the person you’re searching for doesn’t have geotagging turned on, it doesn’t work! The idea is to teach about privacy. It worked for me for a few searches but then started returning “User ID Not Found”. has a story about a new Chrome extension for journalists. Sounds like I’d find it pretty handy too. “The Chrome browser extension – called Storyful MultiSearch – lets you enter a keyword and search Twitter, Twitter videos, Twitter images, YouTube and Spokeo, a search engine for finding people.”

Facebook is apparently testing trending topics on its desktop interface. Anybody see this? I haven’t.

Okay, this is silly: evaluating NFL quarterbacks with Google Autocomplete.

More Google: Google Operating System has a story about Google’s new experimental Earth Tour Builder.

More More Google: It has updated its maps for Russia and Hong Kong.

Nifty: Google Street View caught a space shuttle flight. Good morning, Internet…

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