Google, IFTTT, Wolfram|Alpha, More – Sunday Morning Buzz, September 1, 2013

Apparently Google and Microsoft are going to sue over US surveillance requests. “Microsoft and Google are to sue the US government to win the right to reveal more information about official requests for user data. The companies announced the lawsuit on Friday, escalating a legal battle over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa), the mechanism used by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other US government agencies to gather data about foreign internet users.”

IFTTT now has an Instagram video trigger.

The latest company to throw its hat into the smartwatch developer ring? Why, it’s Google!

More Google: a doctor wearing Google Glass livestreamed a surgery.

Speaking of Google Glass, here is your new vocabulary word for the day: glogging – blogging using Google Glass.

Another cool find from Amit Agarwal — a way for your tweets to self-destruct after a time you set via hashtag.

Marcus Zillman has updated his free “Healthcare Bots and Subject Directories” white paper – it’s 30 pages long at this point!

Wow, Facebook apps do all KINDS of stuff — like matching college roommates.

Wolfram|Alpha has added a bunch of amusement park data to its search engine. Good morning, Internet…

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