Newspapers, Yahoo, Twitter, More – Short Wednesday Buzz, September 4, 2013

Do you use two factor authentication? Good for you! Do you use Google Authenticator for the iOS? You might want to hold off on updating that app for the moment… according to TechCrunch it’s got a problem with wiping out stored accounts.

College and university newspapers will now be available on the NOOK. And this is the thing that finally got downloading the NOOK app, but I’m disappointed – 99 cents a month isn’t much, but the paper I downloaded as a sample was an “extra” edition that contained all of two stories in its latest issue. Yay. There are some papers, though, which appear to be full content.

Yahoo Groups users are complaining about a recent redesign. Putting aside my astonishment that anyone is still using Yahoo Groups (just kidding), I got a laugh out of this quote from Yahoo: “We deeply value how much you, our users, care about Yahoo! Groups”deeply is one of those corporate words that I always read as psych! (or sike! or however you want to spell it). “We (sike!) value how much you, our users, care about Yahoo! Groups…”

Google’s latest Android updated is named after the KitKat candy bar. Mmmkay.

You can help Scotland transcribe its historic archives.

A new database of inmate information will soon go live in Kentucky.

CNET has an interesting article about Topsy and its huge public tweet index.

Roundup: new records added to FamilySearch.

Twitter got hit with a bit of an egg bug.

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