Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Georgia Tech, More – Big Thursday Buzz, September 5, 2013

Yahoo has announced its new logo. Yay.

Google turned fifteen years old yesterday — and yeah, I’ve been writing about them the whole 15 years.

More Google: is there a new update afoot?

More More Google: What happened to the Google+ Photo Editor?

Is Ukraine going to get a national search engine?

NICE. Using Google Trends to assess brand traction. Hat tip to @JackSchofield.

The BBC has a nice story about Jonathon Fletcher, unsung father of the modern search engine. You whippersnappers may not remember, but at one time What’s New pages for Web sites were pretty much it and furthermore, you could actually keep up using a directory’s What’s New page. I remember going to Mosaic and later Yahoo’s what’s new pages and feeling like I was keeping up. I gave that up in, I think, late 1996.

Bing is apparently apparently testing some deep links / site links in its search results. There is a fond hope I have for Bing: it is in the enviable position of being part of a company with deep pockets and with itself having nowhere to go but up. Bing should focus on pushing the envelope, trying all kinds of goofy mindbending search shinola. That means more content, more partnerships (wouldn’t it be great if you could actually search Facebook posts like you used to? Or even search your own posts on Facebook?) and more awareness of that fact that being audacious will cost practically nothing.

Speaking of Bing (snarking of Bing), it has upgraded its video search into something quite nice!

Twitter nut? Here are, according to Mashable, 11 Twitter apps you will use every day. Personally I can’t stand HootSuite. I like Buffer a lot more. It has annoying features (I’m thinking about an article called “Five Ways Buffer Beltsands My Last Nerve”) but for me it’s so much better than HootSuite.

Hey, this is cool! Georgia Tech has launched its own crowdfunding site for science research.

The State Library of Australia has added several South Australian newspapers to its paper database.

Fun! How to add special effects to your Vine or Instagram videos. Good morning, Internet…

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