Neuroimaging, Bing, Pulp Magazines, Australia, More – Friday Morning Buzz, September 6, 2013

Remember when I was complaining that there is no ecosystem of third-party tools around Google+? Here’s an article about five useful Google+ tools. Unfortunately if you use Firefox, most of them are Chrome extensions.

Under development: a national neuroimaging database for the study of schizophrenia. “Begun in March, the next six months of the project will be spent determining the scope of SchizConnect, with initial datasets contributed from Feinberg, the Functional Biomedical Informatics Research Network (FBIRN) at the University of California-Irvine, the Mind Clinical Imaging Consortium (MCIC) at the Mind Research Network in New Mexico, and the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.”

Canadian researchers are suggesting that Google could have predicted the most recent recession in advance.

Bing News has gotten a makeover, and Danny Sullivan has an overview.

The Library of Congress has a great post on preserving pulp magazine covers. and FamilySearch are teaming up to make a billion records available over the next five years. (Press Release)

Wow! The top 18 sites for trend spotting.

Australia is going to create a government-funded scholarly press.

David Strom has a great article on the best tools for protecting passwords.

Remember when I mentioned Twitter engine Topsy a couple of days ago? It has its sights on other social networks. That should be interesting! Good morning, Internet…

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