Google Alerts, Buffer, WordPress, More – Short Thursday Morning Buzz, September 12, 2013

Apparently you can get Google Alerts via RSS again. I’m not sure how much I care. If I get a Google Alert, and then do a comparison via a time-restricted Google search, I find that the Alert is missing things. So for the important stuff, I’m doing a manual, time-restricted Web search twice a week. Your mileage may vary.

TechCrunch has an interesting article about a new service called TaDaweb, which at first glance reminds me of SpyOnIt. “With that in mind, the best way I can think of describing how TaDaweb’s service works is to think of it as mashup creator that lets non-technical business personnel target public data feeds from which they want to extract very specific, but constantly changing data. There is a graphical interface to accomplish this, meaning that technical knowledge is not needed to make the mashups. It’s kind of like if Pinterest and Yahoo Pipes had a child,’ the CEO Francois Gaspard said.” Gah! Thanks for the visual, Francois…

Latest thing on Google Street View? Phone factory.

Amit Agarwal, who did me a huge favor yesterday (and doesn’t know it – more about that later) has a tool for finding out who your Google Drive files are shared with.

Buffer now lets you share to LinkedIn company pages.

North Carolina now has a century’s worth of city directories online. (Hat tip to Lowcountry Africana!)

WordPress has a new maintenence/security update.

I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about how tech people are using Google Glass, but the story of how this CIO is using it in a chain of sandwich shops is pretty interesting. Good morning, Internet…

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