Twitter, Java, Blogger, More – Sunday Morning Buzz, September 15, 2013

Whoops: a Google Street View car had a bit of a bump up in Indonesia.

Rick Broida has a nice write-up about Can I Stream.It, a search engine that helps you find streaming TV and movie options. WARNING: PC World. (I enjoy Rick Broida’s articles but PC World is one of the most obnoxious Web sites out there when it comes to autoplaying ads and just generally blinky horribleness. So I am compromising with myself: I will still link to his articles, but I’ll warn you that it’s PC World. And don’t tell me to just get an ad blocker, I won’t use them. I use NoScript but that’s for safety reasons.)

Mashable has an interesting article on using Facebook’s Graph Search to build your network.

Congratulations to Genealogy Web site Cyndi’s List for fifteen years of being awesome.

Very nice overview in the New York Times about how Twitter now treats third-party developers (crappily.) I still haven’t found a good reason that Twitter just doesn’t go ahead and charge for the flippin’ API, if it’s all about money. Of course Twitter has absolutely no obligation to have an API at all, but Web properties without a strong community of third party developers are going to lose out.

Ars Technica is reporting that Java security is about to take a turn for the worse. I’m not sure how that works because it’s so awful to start with, but please, do yourself a favor: if you don’t need it, please, please, PLEASE disable Java in your browser and ideally uninstall it completely from your computer.

Hat tip to Beyond Search for the pointer to, which lists short, available domain names.

If you are on Blogger, you can now automatically share your posts to Google+.

And now you can also do this on! which is why you’ll see my little South Park avatar thing at the bottom of my posts now.

Yahoo News has a new editor. Now if they just had a new ad policy I’d be all about them again. I’ve used Yahoo News for so long I had to break myself of the habit of typing when I wanted to go to the site. Good morning, Internet…

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