Kenneth Cole, Genealogy, Microsoft, Bitly, More – Tuesday Morning Buzz, September 17, 2013

I really appreciated this article on The Signal blog about libraries needing to spotlight digital collections. Yes Yes Yes. I am always astonished at how often I come across stuff that’s awesome but I’ve really had to dig to hear about it…

Two articles in a row that have me looking around for someone to high-five! Why Facebook Should Stop Judging Content Quantity. A) Because they’re no good at it, and B) Any attempt to do so looks relentlessly stupid in the face of all those “one weird old trick” ads.

(I tried to high-five the cat. She was not all about it.)

Fashion company Kenneth Cole is launching a digital archive of its advertising.

The Foundation Center has launched a new grantmaker search tool: “At no cost, users can search the basic profiles and IRS Forms 990-PF of nearly 90,000 grantmakers, less than 7 percent of which have web sites of their own…With FDO Free, users can search for grantmaking foundations and find their contact information, fields of interest, financial data, and program priorities. The Center has also released an FDO Free search “widget” that can be embedded on any web site to further widen access.” (Press Release)

NCompass is offering a Webinar on SEO for Libraries.

Larry Ferlazzo has a list of resources for Hispanic Heritage Month (which started yesterday).

GenealogyInTime has upgraded its genealogy search engine. “An additional 532 million free genealogy records from around the world are now searchable. In total, the Genealogy Search Engine indexes 2.7 billion records from over 1,000 websites.”

Whoops: Microsoft is having a Patch Tuesday do-over.

Twitter is apparently getting a redesign. “The redesign is also expected to introduce a much more visually rich, media-heavy interface for the historically text-heavy Twitter…” Hey, some of us like text-heavy resources, thank you very much. Still, I suppose that it’ll be okay, I’m sure Twitter’s huge community of third party developers will.. oh, wait….

Hey Bitly! Seven Things You Didn’t Know Bitly Could Do.

Nice, a quick overview from Search Engine Land: How Search Engines Work. Not crazy technical, but a peek under the hood.

What does a complete crawl of the UK Web domain look like? “After a staggered start on April 8th, the crawl ended on June 21st, just short of eleven weeks later. Having started off with a list of 3.8 million seeds, we eventually captured over 31TB of compressed data. At its fastest, a single crawler was visiting 857 URIs per second.” Good morning, Internet…

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  1. If Twitter is no longer text-heavy, will it become the social media equivalent of the cable tv channels whose programming no longer matches the content implied by their names?

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