Yiddish, Patents, Bing, More – Big Wednesday Morning Buzz, September 18, 2013

Marcus Zillman has a quick blurb about QueryTree, which apparently allows you to explore data without building code. Why do I not have six hours to play with this?

Who knew there was once a Yiddish avant-garde literary and artistic journal? Now you do. And you also know that it’s been digitzed. There were only three issues but they were published in 1919.

Google may be considering a serious change in how online advertising is tracked.

As always, you have to be careful when searching for celebrities and other elements of pop culture on the Web — names and searches can be used for spreading drive-by malware. I haven’t heard of many of the people on this list, but that speaks much more to my social inability than their actual fame. I wonder if the super-A listers — people so famous even I’ve heard of them — avoid being associated with malware because they have such a huge legitimate online presence that’s hard to surmount, or because they have people handling it?

To celebrate Constitution Day, the Library of Congress released an app to provide information on constitutional law. See, I would have made cupcakes. “The new Constitution Annotated app is available for the iOS platform and allows users to read the entire document; browse by section – such as by article of or amendment to the Constitution; view and navigate content from a table of cases and index; and search all text.”

Another one from Amit “He Never Misses” Agarwal: Using Google+ as a photo editor.

I thought it got shut down a while ago, but apparently Google’s patent search just keeps getting better. “…Google is making a move to expand the capabilities of its patents search engine, – often one of the first stops for entrepreneurs in search of information on existing patents. The company says today that it has broadened its footprint to now include four new patent agencies: China, Germany, Canada and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).”

Online marketplace Etsy is getting a Pinterest twist.

Bing has announced a revamp of its site and some additional search features. I’ll get back to you when I’ve dug through all the marketing speak. Oh, also, Bing got a new logo. To me it looks like what the Google Drive logo would look like if it got drunk and fell over. (Fun additional fact: one of the search examples in Bing’s announcement was Katy Perry, who was noted earlier as a most dangerous celebrity to search for in terms of malware pages etc.)

Fun fact: how many photos are on Facebook? Oh, about a quarter trillion! But – here’s the really fun fact – only about half of them are cat pictures. (I may have made that last part up.)

Ooooh, I forgot where I saw this… THANK YOU WHOEVER SENT IT! 23 Great Sources for Free Educational Videos Online.

You need some Wednesday fun: here’s George Takei explaining Google Glass in a new AARP Web series. He’s so cute. Good morning, Internet…

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