Buffalo Bill, Bigfoot, Plankton, Maryland, More – Crazy Random Morning Buzz, September 19, 2013

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West as received a grant to expand its online archive of Buffalo Bill Cody photographs.

Interesting! Researchers are reconstructing lost/deleted Web resources.

Finance wonks! Muncipality wonks! Check out this new online database that compares city finances. “With a few exceptions, the database includes all the nation’s largest central cities. It allows users to compare local government finances for 112 large U.S. central cities across more than 120 categories of revenues, expenditures, debt and assets. Based on U.S. Census data, the database provides 34 years of data (1977-2010), with more years to be added as data become available.”

FamilySearch recently added over 2.7 million records.

Those Zooniverse folks have launched a new project of science crowdsourcing – it’s called Plankton Portal. “The goal of the site is to classify underwater images in order to study plankton. We’ve teamed up with researchers at the University of Miami and Oregon State University who want to understand the distribution and behaviour of plankton in the open ocean.”

YouTube’s apps will let you watch videos offline.

From HubSpot: 10 Free Design Tools for creating better visual content – and there are more in the comments!

The Maryland State Archives have launched a new guide to special collections.

I think y’all need a US/Canada map of Bigfoot sightings.

From BoingBoing I heard about this awesome online museum of forgotten art supplies. Let me just say that Staedtler erasers ARE AWESOME. Good morning, Internet, and may I be the first to say to you Arr matey, happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! ARRRR!

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