Feedly, Trove, MetaGer, More – Afternoon Buzz, September 19, 2013

So apparently the Google Glass prototypes are somewhat delicate and are breaking. Because they are prototypes. And they are very small tech things you wear on the front of your face. Of course they’re going to break. Version 1.0 of anything seems always to be a) fugly, b) ridiculously complicated, c) fragile, or d) all of the above.

So, how did Yahoo get back on top with unique visitors in the US? Danny Sullivan broke his head over it but doesn’t have any good answers.

Oooh, I like: a “Google Earth” type project for the ancient world.

Google is starting a new company focused on health, aging, and well-being. Because I am a horrible cynic the first thing I thought was, “Hope they don’t get people 90% into it and go all Google Health on it! (because I am a terrible, horrible cynic. Also because I’m still bitter about Google Reader.)

Speaking of that: Good on you Feedly – the RSS reader has opened its API to all developers. “The Feedly API provides developers with access to millions of feeds, and a personalization graph which end users define through their subscriptions, tags, and categories they use in their own feed reading applications.”

Now available: a new search engine for Canadian jobs. (Press Release)

Another Australian newspaper from the late 19th century is now available on Trove. “The Renmark Pioneer has been added with issues from 1892 – 1899. Early parts of the newspaper were handwritten.”

Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana has gotten a grant to digitize its photo collection.

German search engine MetaGer is now available in English. (Press Release)

It makes sense that there would be an online archive for band shirts, but I’d never seen it before. Almost 2000 shirts on the site. Good afternoon, Internet, and ARR ARR ARR ARR ARR!

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